Speacking about Priscilla Ganassini, it' s important to point out the colors sobriety and the clean stroke wich attract and convince us, without reservations...

The "lodigiane" farm houses, the "pianura lombarda" animals; Corvara's huts, the mountain animals; Liguria and southern landscapes; the trees, the tools of the apparently common life are proof of Ganassini's active and constant presence , in this world wich still exsist (luckily!). And still exsist thanks to the so many and different farms, courtyard, forests, churches, chimney-pots!

Ugo Zanobio


The compositions are supported and raised by a really excellent accuracy and linearity and they often work with chiaroscuro elements wich are of an undoubted, sensitive and creative intensity. These compositions are placed in a existence dimension, caraterized by Mother Nature's charmes,and by silent and solitary landscape. By the way it's full of hidden meanings and open lyrics. It attracts with its simple, direct beauties and its landscapes of peerless grace. It seems as the artist would dive in "endless spaces" and in "the deepest stillness" with great will.

Giorgio Rota


The pleasure of the color strongly linked at a graphic stroke and at a really overall drawing of clean effectiveness and beauty , gives in the artist's etchings an evidence wich is real alive and real. So it is more reliable, about a rural world simple and original, which is lived and interpretated with precision and overall passion; it is wise expression of a way of beeing inwardly rich of transparence and tenderness.

Eugenio Maria Faleri


Priscilla Ganassini look at nature with sincere and free rush that shows the will to express a maybe forgotten emotion : the highest beauty of the common things. In the broad breath of her compositions she revises the stimulations of reality with the gaze transparency of whom who , for the first time, notices a butterfly on a flower, a tree-frog jumping in a pod and listen to the cicadas chirping in a wheat field: she realizes everythings with a fixed awareness and earnest soul. It's much more than technical skill wich reveal itself through an expert and skillfull stroke, but above all iconographic and cromatic decision not taken for granted. The artist prefers the most uncommon aspects of the rural world, the most simple field flowers, the forgotten landscape corners, the humblest courtyard animals. In this way she realize an artistic and not conventional catalogue and deep impact.

Marzia Brandinelli



She was born in Pavia - She lives in Milano

She graduated at liceo Artistico "Suore Orsoline" of Milano.

She got the university degree in architecture at the Politecnico of Milano.

She attended a two year course etching lead by G. Pedroli a four year course etching by Giuliana Bellini at C.E.P. of S.Elembardo.



1993- 2nd place graphic contest "Galleria d'Arte Eustachi"

1995- 1st place graphic contest "Galleria d'Arte Eustachi"

1997- 3rd place Rassegna d'Arti Visive "Carlo Magno" Studio Panigati

2003- 3rd place contest "Vino in Cornice" Galleria Artelier

2005- Noticed Concorso Bondarte Borgata Bonda (Bl)

2005- 1st place 7° Rassegna Expo Arte Corvetto

2009- Noticed 11° Rassegna "Expo Arte Corvetto"

2011- 1st place Concorso Nazionale Axa (Gorgonzola)

2012- Noticed concorso "On the Road Art Gallery" Busto Arsizio

2012- Noticed concorso "La rosa d'oro" Centro Culturale Rosetum (MI)

2013- Fifth Prize Competition "La rosa d'oro" Galleria Velasquez-Rosetum (Milano)

2014- Noticed IX Edizione Concorso Biennale di Grafica Incisoria On the Road Art Gallery

2017- Special mention - Concorso Arte Grafica Italiana- Vigonza (Pd)


Pubblic Collections

Tremezzo (Como) - Villa Carlotta

Bagnacavallo (Ravenna) - Gabinetto delle Stampe

Vigonza (Padova) - Museo della Grafica Italiana Contemporanea

Mezzano Martigliengo (Biella) - Associazione Amici della Bonda

Acqui Terme (Alessandria) - Museo dell'Incisione, Castello dei Paleologi

Soncino (Cremona) - Galleria Soncino, Casa degli Stampatori

Raccolta delle Stampe Adalberto Sartori (Mantova)

"On the Road Art Gallery" - Gallarate (VA)

Associazione Artistica "La Forza del Segno" - Cassina de' Pecchi (MI)

Siena Art Institute - Drawing Connections - (Siena)